What is the format of Badminton at Asian Games?

Badminton at Asian Games has been a medal sport since 1962. The event features badminton tournaments in the following disciplines: men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s doubles, mixed doubles, men’s team and women’s team. The mixed doubles format was first implemented in 1966.

All events of badminton are played in the knockout format. Each match is played as a best-of-three games match. A player who wins 21 points with a difference of 2 points wins a game. The entire match follows a rally scoring system.

Initially, a third round match was held between the two losing semi-finalists. However, since 1966 (except 1974) the bronze medal is shared by the two losing sides in the semis.

As of 2023, 23 nations participate in the badminton event. The most successful nation in badminton is China, having won a total of 44 gold medals across all badminton disciplines as of September 2023. Indonesia and South Korea are the next best teams with a tally of 28 and 17 respectively. China also leads in the team events of badminton. The men’s team has bagged the gold 7 times whereas the women’s team has won 10 times.

In terms of total medal count (gold, silver and bronze), China leads with 109 medals, Indonesia with 99 medals and South Korea with 68 medals as of 2023. The 2022 Asian Games will feature 246 athletes from 23 different nations who will be participating in one of the disciplines of badminton.
Badminton is one of the highlights of the Asian Games as most of the top international athletes feature in this competition.

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