What makes the Asia Pickleball Games unique?

The Asia Pickleball Games is a continental tournament contested between Asian Pickleball players. The first edition of the event was held in 2023, featuring both individual and team events across different age groups.

The tournament features a scoring criteria that is in accordance with the laws of the USA Pickleball Association. A rally scoring criteria is followed where players can win points only on their serve. The tournament is played in a round-robin format followed by knockout rounds.

Players or teams will be divided in two groups of maximum three or five participants. The top two from each group qualify for the knockout rounds. Till the semifinal stage, a single game of 15 points determines the winner. In the medal matches, 3 games of 11 points are played. There is no deuce rule in the scoring format. Only the medal matches are officiated.

Matches are contested in the following disciplines: men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s doubles, and mixed doubles. In each discipline three tournaments are played based on the player’s age group: 16-34 years old, 35-49 years old, and 50-80 years old.

In team challenges, two competitions are held. One for players between 16-34 years of age, and another for 35-80 years of age. A team that enters in the Asia Pickleball Games should have a minimum of six, and a maximum of 12 players.

A team challenge match will have four matches. Two of these are played in men’s doubles format whereas the remaining two are played in women’s doubles and mixed doubles format respectively. The second men’s doubles match is worth three points. The remaining three matches are of two points. A team who wins five points wins the team challenge.

Each game in team challenge will be worth 11 points. A deuce will be featured at 10-10 and players have to win with a difference of two. However, if the score reaches 14-14, then the next point will decide the winner.

The name of the champion team will be engraved on the trophy. If a team wins in three consecutive years, then they can keep the original bigger sizes trophy.

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