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Honestly, information about this bookmaker’s live chat is hard to come by. The closest we came to that is a brief tweet (brief even by Twitter’s standards). 888 tweeted, “Sport live chat is available from 10am UK time. if a poker account please contact poker support.”

There were a few replies to that: “I have contacted them twice. Still no resolution after 2.5 hours”, “Can you send the link? I cannot find the live chat”, and more along those lines.

Once again, your best bet seems to be Resolver if you want to get in touch with the bookmaker. Resolver is a free UK site without hidden costs or adverts, where you can raise a case against a sportsbook and/or casino and leave feedback. The platform claims it provides helpful, easy to comprehend guides containing gambling platform users’ rights. They connect people to contacts at regulators to help find an amicable resolution.

Beyond that, there’s really nothing left than to visit the operator’s official site to get more info. The homepage is dominated by information about the latest events, which could well have been expected. Below it, there’s information about the operator’s blog, which has a regular stream of news and updates. There are posts about tennis, boxing, football, horse racing, cricket and more. Then, there is a section on betting advice and expert tips, helping people make informed wagers. 888sport also offers live sport odds for a large number of tournaments and events in real time. You can stream sporting events and bet on the result.

The operator has a betting app, so you can bet on the go. Their online betting calculator uses information about the latest odds and considers your bet amount to give you an estimate of how profitable your bet may be.

Finally, there is a FAQ section. Frequent queries include:

  • How do I bet on sports online?
  • How do I find a responsible betting site?
  • What is the best online betting site for sports?

Of course, they’ll draw attention to theirs where the responses to the second and third questions are concerned.

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